Hi all,

Take time to come on by and rewire your brain! "Neurons that fire together, wire together!." Which part of your mind did you spend firing up today? Which part did you spend consciously wiring; the positive part or the negative part? Healthy positive thinking or stressful fearful based thinking? The difference between the two is like allowing your muscle strength to wither away or daring to go to the gym and getting back into healthy active shape. One makes you feel alive, the other slowly kills you.

Take time to take care of yourself today; to soak in the good; to send love through your heart; release stress from your body; and free up the natural vibrant energy of your essence. That is Yoga!

I like to say in class 1% of Yoga is postural movements, 99% is mind movement. Where is your mind going today and how do you take it back? This is what we work on in our weekly Wednesday Raja Yoga Flow class. We Yoke to Unite!

Come to class next week and get prepared to learn techniques in how to control your attention, it's the key to the neuroplasticity of your brain! That's right--use it or lose it. If you allow your brain to keep resting on the negative, your killing it, literally withering it away. Which part of your brain are your strengthening? The good feeling part or the bad?

Following the ancient creed of Hillel the Elder: "If not me for me, who for me? If me for me,which me am I? And if not now, when?"....(yes, we mix it all up in this class, like the feathers of a peacock, like the eyes of ancient traditions---learn to see your beauty again.)

This is a deep flow class, so if you have any physical restrictions please email me below to discuss if this class is right for you. We can also arrange for privates or small private groups as well and modify class to any physical restrictions.

Love, light and fulfillment,

David Ibrahim

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