Custom Yoga Programs

Is Yoga getting too expensive? Do you love the benefits you receive from Yoga but find it too pricey to practice daily? Now you can customize your own routine and I will personalize it for you and teach you how to practice at home on your own.

I will assess your energy, mental and emotional bodies to create a unique Yoga routine for your body type and personality and for the direction you want to head in, in terms of physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Included will be a video presentation for you to follow several days a week. It will be formatted as a class in which I will be teaching you, using inspirational quotes and personally tailored motivational ideas and poses. Musical soundtrack to accompany you as well as a personal visualization and hypnosis routine to end your daily practice and help you create the reality you want and rewire your brain in the process for peace, abundance and bliss! As well as a one on one consultation.

Please email or contact me for further information and pricing.

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